Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hawaiian Party - 6th Birthday

An Island cake for Ria's Hawaiian party!

This is the first time that I incorporated the party favors with the theme.
I found some ceramic jewelry boxes from Tiimari (an arts and crafts shop in Finland) in the shape of beach sandals. Just perfect!

And to add to the leis that we made from scratch, I found some sea shells from a local store, to put on the buffet table.

This is one of my favourite Filipino dishes. Crispy Pata! This is the pork leg, with skin, boiled till tender with some spices and then deep fried. Served with a mixture of soysauce, vinegar or lemon, chopped garlic, salt and pepper.

My friend Gosia carved this watermelon and mixed with a can of fruit cocktail for a very refreshing fruit dessert!

My lil happy island girl turned 6!

The start of it all - Ria's 4th birthday party

A Princess cake for my one and only princess.

We had just moved in to a new home in Amuri when Ria was turning 4. And the new place has its own lil backyard with a neat apple tree. So I deem it fit to throw a birthday party for my princess, Princess style!
As you can see, this cake is still a bit topsy turvy. Although a friend of mine did most of the decorating for this cake, I baked the dough myself. And this is where it all began. I am glad I did this theme party for Ria, as it opened new doors for me with regards to baking and cooking.

The place was swarming with kids and adults alike! But the best part is, everyone was having a good time. Some of the adults even wore their own fairy tale costumes. And I am sure I have made my kid the happiest child that day!